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  • halong budget cruise
  • Halong Budget Cruise – Day Tours
  • Halong Budget Cruise – Day Tours 

    Each vessel features a stylish restaurant and bar for an experience on the deck with impressive 3-star service of Halong budget cruises. The top deck serves as a perfect place to enjoy lingering in the sunshine and discovering the splendid beauty of Halong bay – the most stunning bay in Vietnam with a 360 view, thus promising unforgettable and thoroughly relaxing moments during your Halong cruise tours.

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  • Swan Cruise 2 days 1 night
  • Swan Cruise 2 days 1 night Tour, the small and most intimate Vietnam cruise in Halong Bay, is an invitation to explore this world wonder bay while enjoying all the essentials for a Halong luxury cruise trip.

    Designed to accommodate max up 30 people per cruise,Halong Budget Cruise – one of the best Halong Bay cruises creates an intimate, cozy environment and brings about the best possible personalized services for your Halong Bay tour.

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  • Halong Budget Cruise – Private Day Tour
  • Halong Budget Cruise – Private Day Tour latest masterpiece, a sumptuous floating hotel that has redefined the boundaries of 3 Stars Halong cruises by providing a supreme level of luxury to its prestigious passengers in their most memorable Halong Bay Tour.

    In all aspects, Halong Budget Cruise – the best Halong Bay cruise seems to mirror the splendor and majesty of the surrounding scenery offered by the Heritage Site. Halong Budget Cruises does not only offer a unique Vietnam cruise experience, it allows you to dream with your eyes wide open.

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Our Itineraries

Unique Itinerary

Halong Budget Cruise takes you off the beaten path in less crowded & less visited Bai Tu Long Bay

Attentive luxury service

“Service from the heart” is our motto, enjoy and feel the warm caring of professional service

Vietnamese culture

Throughout the cruise, Vietnamese legends and cultural values are cleverly hidden in guest experience

Responsible Cruise

Halong Budget Cruise inspires in its guests a sense of responsible travel - For a green Halong Bay